Our Staff

  • ‘Educators with Playful Hearts and Teaching Minds.’

    It’s one thing for a company to declare it’s goals and objectives, but it’s another thing completely for them to actually deliver. And it’s not to say that the a company’s ownership lacks ‘intention’ or ‘desire’ – the problem lies in the fact the key components are not the right fit. For as is the case with most organizations and most professions, the 20 / 80 rule is usually present. That is – only 20% of the accountants, lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. – really love what they do and are really good at what they do. While the other 80% would prefer to be doing something else, and most often ‘should’ be doing something else. And, in an industry such as learning center, in which the entry point is easily accessible, this rule is very prevalent – but often for other reasons.

    Learning Center tends to have individuals that seem to migrate to one focus or the other. That is, the emphasis being on teaching and discipline, like Montessori; or mostly fun and play, like many of the home-based learning centers. And as a separate element, there is nothing wrong with any of the four – in fact, they are all required components of effective education. The problem occurs when the emphasis is weighted to one side or the other, as is usually the case in the above examples. For most home-based learning centers are not run by university degreed and Provincially certified teachers with early childhood education. And teachers who are attracted to very rigid guidelines tend to be those who believe structure and disciplined study are the most important components – even for a young child. Here at GV Learning Center – we are not only learning center professionals, educators, and child care experts – we are an organization comprised of loving parents and professionals, whose passion is to pour our hearts and souls into the precious little children entrusted to us. And therefore, neither of the two extremes above are acceptable, permitted, or practiced. For as our Company Identity statement declares, both a ‘Playful Heart’ and a ‘Teaching Mind’ is a pre-requisite for any professional to become a GV Learning Center Certified Educator. Why? Because without those character traits, the ability to impart the ‘joy of learning’ to child is impossible. And if that is the case, then full potential of child’s ability to learn throughout their lives has been compromised. But as we identified above, it’s one thing to make a declaration, but it’s another to actually deliver.

    Therefore, GV Learning Center, having utilized various human resource evaluation tools in the past, that individually all had some deficiencies – has, with the assistance of a recruiting and training expert, developed the GV Learning Center ‘Hiring with EASE Process ’. This Educator Assessment, Selection & Evaluation process ensures that the various character traits of those with ‘Playful Hearts’ as well as both the qualifications and know-how of a ‘teaching mind’ are all resident in every GV Learning Center Certified Educator. As a result, our parents are guaranteed that their children will be loved, taught the joy of learning, and – get ‘the great start to the future’ that every child deserves.