Our Promise

  • ‘Caring for Each Child as Our Own.’

    A job is something someone does to make money. A profession is something for which someone has received training. But a vocation is …

    Def: – A life to which a person is specially drawn, a strong impulse or inclination for which they are suited, trained and / or qualified to fulfill and follow; a particular activity and / or career such as divine call to God’s service.

    And that is exactly how each and every GV Learning Center Certified Educator (CE) can be described, as one who has been ‘called’ – to love and protect and teach children. And, with a purpose of life so deeply engrained in their hearts, it is simply an expression of what has already been placed within them – to care for your child as they would their own. And this is the very reason why GV Learning Center can make the promises we do, and guarantee an amazing experience for your child everyday. It begins with the GV Learning Center EASE Hiring Process, that ensures each CE has been vetted for the both the personal qualities and character traits, as well as the ability to effectively apply their secondary and early childhood education. And then, this is consistently shown to each child by every CE working within the GV Learning Center Always CARE company mandate – our proprietary methodology by which all of our Infant, Toddler, and Pre-School programs are delivered. This is our mindset, and this is what every CE lives and breathes every minute of every hour when your child is in our CARE. And allows us to fulfill what we love doing most – and our guarantee to you – that your child will be cared for, as if they are our own.

    During our parent interviews Always CARE is explained in step-by-step detail, as are all the specifics of the various GV Learning Center programs, activities, and unique methodologies that make GV Learning Center the choice of parents who want the very best for their children. And just as importantly, we have the parents explain to us their personal educational goals and desires for their child, using the SAFE Learning Center selection process. So with all parties on exactly the same page, there are no surprises, only known and expected results – that their child will feel like they are at home, feeling safe and having fun just as if Mom and Dad were there. And isn’t that just what every caring and loving parent deserves? We think so.