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  • ‘Ensuring a Great Start to Your Child’s Future.’

    The first 4 to 5 years of your child’s life is the most important in so many ways. Speech, small and large motor functions, social adaptation, mental and emotional stability – and the list goes on. And as the saying goes, “They don’t come with a manual or instructions!” So we all do the best we can as parents, to give our children the very best of everything that we can. For we would truly give our lives for them if it meant they would be safe – growing up to be responsible, successful and happy adults – doing better and achieving more than we did. Yes, every parent desires the same blessings for their kids. But what about learning center? We’ve all heard so many different opinions and stories, both good and bad. “How can anyone possibly take care of the most precious thing in the world to me – even half as well as I would?”

    Well, in many ways – you are correct. Because no one is you. No one can replace Mom or Dad, because they only have one Mom and Dad, and that’s you. But want you can do, is filter through all the red tape and sterile policies and official sounding statements issued by the bureaucrats – and examine the facts, and then do what your heart tells you is right. For honestly, no one knows better than you do what is best for your child – no one! And to help you make the best decision for you and your baby boy and / or baby girl (or both) – GV Learning Center has created our simple yet comprehensive tool known as ‘SAFE Learning Center ‘ – an exclusive GV Learning Center methodology and process that allows you, the parent – to make the best and right decision for your child. SAFE, which stands for the ‘Selective Analysis Facility Evaluation’ – enables the parent to concisely look at all the critical elements that are most important to them in the nurturing, protection, and teaching of their child – and see if GV Learning Center, or another learning center facility is right for them. Because we don’t want to partner with families that don’t have the same vision, and desire, and values that we do. GV Learning Center has painstakingly developed educational programs and unique teaching methodologies that are far more in-depth, comprehensive, and robust than most other learning centers. And while they all fulfill and adhere to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines, requirements, and regulations – GV Learning Center goes far beyond those baseline measures. For as our name intentionally declares – we believe that during these most formative years – that it is the heart of the child that by far needs to be the most important concern, issue, and focus. Because learning center is not a PhD program, it’s not undergrad, high school, middle school or even grade school – it’s pre Kindergarten! These are infants, toddlers, and adorable little children – they are just kids! Do you really want to rob them of their most precious and innocent years with an endless regime of only scholastic structure?

    At GV Learning Center, we have not forgotten, as some have, what is most important – the heart of the child. It’s not who has the greatest number of kids, the longest list of books and programs, or the most write-ups in magazines or on social media – it’s about the kids. Their giggle that melts the hearts of the parents, that innocent smile and expectation in their eyes that often gives us hope for a better tomorrow, and that hug they return when we hold them that reminds us what is truly important in life. They have been created to learn, to grow, to become whatever they can dream of – and GV Learning Center will ensure with everything we do and say – that is exactly what happens. Because a child’s little heart only has one chance – to make ‘a great start towards their future’.