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About Lil Hearts
  • GV LEARNING CENTER History & Future

    GV Learning Center has very unique and interesting beginning, unlike most learning center you have likely ever known. And as a result, the ‘feeling’ and the ‘programs’ that are offered by GV Learning Center are as unique as it’s Founder & President, Monina Navarrete.
    Ms. Navarrete grew up in the Philippines, and from a very young age was always fascinated with and drawn to the profession of teaching. As her parents said, as she often pretended to teach her dolls in the make believe class room – “It was truly in her blood.” And so the journey continued, as she successfully proceeded through high-school and then in university, excelling in the maths and sciences, with her first degree being a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering.
  • Ensuring a Great Start to Your Child’s Future.

    The first 4 to 5 years of your child’s life is the most important in so many ways. Speech, small and large motor functions, social adaptation, mental and emotional stability – and the list goes on. And as the saying goes, “They don’t come with a manual or instructions!” So we all do the best we can as parents, to give our children the very best of everything that we can. For we would truly give our lives for them if it meant they would be safe – growing up to be responsible, successful and happy adults – doing better and achieving more than we did. Yes, every parent desires the same blessings for their kids. But what about learning center? We’ve all heard so many different opinions and stories, both good and bad. “How can anyone possibly take care of the most precious thing in the world to me – even half as well as I would?”
  • Caring for Each Child as Our Own.

    A job is something someone does to make money. A profession is something for which someone has received training. But a vocation is …

    Def: – A life to which a person is specially drawn, a strong impulse or inclination for which they are suited, trained and / or qualified to fulfill and follow; a particular activity and / or career such as divine call to God’s service.

  • ‘To Teach Children the Joy of Learning.’

    Every dream for a better tomorrow has to have a basis of reality, a place to start. It’s one thing to have visions of grandeur and another to actually begin walking towards that end. And regardless of whether that is a hope of a better world, or our child becoming a successful professional, musician, or skilled in trade – if the plan is flawed in the beginning – the end result will be potentially minimized or even in jeopardy.

    ‘To Change the World Through Love and Education.’

    The society we live in today is not the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ life of days gone by. Kids going merrily off to school. Mom’s at home baking and cleaning all day waiting for Mr. Cleaver to come home – with the whole family then sitting happily around the dinner table with not a care in world. No, today everything moves at the speed of the internet and education is more critical than ever, but so it the safety of children in our increasingly violent and dangerous cities.

  • ‘Parents Who Know the Key to Education is Love.’

    It goes with out saying, that as a loving and caring parent, you know that ultimately – your kids are your responsibility. So having to trust someone else to care for your child during the day is a huge decision. And it’s not just about finding someone who is responsible, but finding someone who is as close to ‘You’ as possible. Someone who understands and knows what You would do when your child is happy, sad, pensive, hungry, cold, hot, tired, exuberant – etc., etc., etc.

    ‘Educators with Playful Hearts and Teaching Minds.’

    It’s one thing for a company to declare it’s goals and objectives, but it’s another thing completely for them to actually deliver. And it’s not to say that the a company’s ownership lacks ‘intention’ or ‘desire’ – the problem lies in the fact the key components are not the right fit. For as is the case with most organizations and most professions, the 20 / 80 rule is usually present.