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  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Program?

  • Welcome to GV Learning Center

    Ensuring a Great Start to Your Child’s Future. GV Learning Center helps Children with Difficulty in
    Learning Engagement and Enhanced their Focusing Ability.
    • Qualified Staff

      The staff is well trained and certified for their assigned job. There are continuous training sessions to update and well equip them with skills needed to take care of the child.

    • Healthy Food

      We have a strict guidelines for child’s food plan. We believe in nutritious foods and encourage parents to include fresh fruits and homemade food.

    • Cleanliness & Safety

      At GV Learning Center, we make sure that the child is provided clean and safe playing environment. We encourage children to dispose trash in proper manner and maintain high standards for kitchen cleanliness and sanitary.

    • Learning Environment

      Early life of a child plays vital role in his personality development. Hence, we give utmost importance to curriculum. The curriculum is planned according to the needs of each age group, learning requirements and special needs.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • Full Day Sessions

      GV Learning Center Canada provide complete full day session with best learning possibility for kids.

    • Varied Programs

      GV Learning Center Center Canada offer three different program according to child needs.

  • Our Programs

    Our GV learning center has Three dedicated programs
    • Infant
      Infant Program
      • 6 - 17
        Month olds
      • 7am to 6pm
    • Toddler
      Toddler Program
      • 18 - 30
        Month olds
      • 7am to 6pm
    • Pre-School
      Pre-School Program
      • 31 - 48
        Month olds
      • 7am to 6pm
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